Terms of Service

Sia Satellite enables the users to rent decentralized cloud storage on the Sia network by using their credit cards for payment.

Sia Satellite takes a reasonably small fee for the services being provided. The current fees are listed here.

It is the user's responsibility to maintain a positive account balance. If the balance becomes negative, the access to the services becomes restricted, and certain user's data, including the uploaded file metadata, may be deleted from the server.

With Invoicing chosen as the payment plan, the account balance may temporarily become negative. At the end of each month, the negative balance is settled using the user's default payment method. If such settlement is not possible, the user is warned by email and requested to settle the negative amount. If no action is performed, the user's access the services is restricted as stated above.

The service is currently running in a test mode. While the owner of the Satellite does their best to keep the service running and to maintain the user data intact, there is no guarantee of that. The owner of the Satellite shall take no legal responsibility for any damage to the user data that occurred during the testing.