Privacy Policy

This site uses cookies to authenticate you with the service. You need to allow cookies in your browser to use the service. No other cookies are currently used.

This site collects the email addresses of the users that sign up. The passwords are stored in a MySQL database in the form of hashes. Neither the email addresses, nor the passwords, nor the hashes thereof, shall be exposed to any third parties. Nevertheless, the author(s) cannot accept any liability while the project is still in development, nor can they be held liable for any damage caused by stealing of the user credentials by any malicious actors pretending to be the actual author(s) of the project.

This site collects the IP addresses of the users that perform certain actions on the site. This is done solely for the purpose of protecting the server from any abuse or denial-of-service (DOS) attacks. The information about the user activity is deleted with certain intervals.

This site does not collect any credit card details. All credit card information is collected and processed by Stripe directly.

This site does collect the payment history of the users, to be used solely as a reference by the users themselves.

This site can access certain data from the Google account of the users, on the user's consent. This data can include the user's email address, the name, and the profile picture. However, only the email address is recorded as it is used for logging the user in.